Welcome to our privacy page!

If you use our website services, you entrust your data to us. This privacy policy gives you an overview of what information we collect, why we do it, and what we use it for. By sharing data with us, we are able to provide our services to you with higher quality. For example, we can show you search results and ads that are more relevant to you. This should help you to get in touch with people or make exchanges with others quicker and easier. Because you use our services, we want you to know what happens to your information and how you can protect your privacy.. We hope you take the time to read this page thoroughly, because that’s important You should remember that you can keep your privacy under control to protect your privacy and security. We tried to make it as easy as possible.

Our customers have the right to request information about their stored personal data as well as their correction, deletion and blocking in writing at any time. Our company makes every effort to ensure the security and privacy of personal data and to prevent personal data being altered, damaged, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized third parties. However, the company does not control every risk related to internet usage and therefore warns its visitors of potential dangers associated with the functioning and use of the internet. This website may contain links to other websites or internet sources. Because the company can not control these websites, we assume no responsibility or liability for any advertising, products, services or other content on external websites.

For many of our services, you can view or edit your personal information online. You can also decide if we can collect and use your information. How you access or control your personal information depends on the services you use. You can choose to receive promotional information from our website via e-mail, SMS, post or telephone. If you receive promotional e-mails or text messages from us and wish to unsubscribe from them, you can do so by following the instructions in this message. You can also opt-in to receive promotional emails, phone calls and mail by signing up with the Company Promotional Communications Manager, where you can update contact information, manage contact preferences, unsubscribe to newsletters, and post your contact information to our affiliates To receive e-mails or SMS messages from us and unsubscribe, you can do that by following the instructions in this message. These options do not apply to mandatory service communication, which is part of certain website services.
Our shop collects data to enable effective operation and to provide you with the best service. You enter some of this data directly, e.g. if you create a personal account. Other information relates to how you interact with our services. We collect these by means of cookies, error reports and usage data of the software that runs on your device. In addition, we receive data from third parties (including other companies). For example, we can supplement collected data by buying demographic data from other companies. We also use other companies’ services to help us identify your location based on your IP address and adjust our services accordingly. Data collection depends on which services and features you use.
Our website uses collected data for three basic purposes:
To operate our business and provide (enhance and personalize) our services to communicate with you, including notifying you about promotional offers and displaying tailor-made advertising. To do this, we combine data collected through various services to provide you with a seamless and personalized experience. To protect privacy, we have implemented technological and procedural security measures designed to prevent certain combinations of data. For example, we store collected data if you are not authenticated (not logged in), separated from account information that identifies you directly, such as a user account. Your name, e-mail address or telephone number.
We will share personal information with your consent or, as necessary, to complete a transaction or provide a requested or authorized service. For example, we will share your content with third parties if you allow us to do so. When you provide payment details at the time of purchase, we pass them on to banks and other companies that process payments or provide other financial services, as well as to combat fraud and reduce credit risk. We also share personally identifiable information with our controlled affiliates and subsidiaries. We also share personal information with sellers or agents who work on our behalf for the purposes described in this statement. For example, organizations that we have provided to provide customer service support or assistance in protecting and securing our systems and services may require access to personal information to provide these capabilities. In such cases, these companies must comply with our privacy and security requirements and may not use the personal information we receive for any other purpose. We may also disclose personal information in the context of a business transaction such as a merger or sale of assets.