Stretcher table for roll-in stretchers
With the new Hoverboard Airbase, we are creating a new dimension in patient and sanitary protection. The Airbaise is a specially developed, air-sprung hoverboard roll-in stretcher with a load capacity of 400kg. This means that not only heavy patients, but also, for example, the smallest patients can be transported to the incubator without problems and painlessly, without the paramedics themselves becoming patients.


The fully automatic air suspension absorbs most of the incoming vibration energy.

In this way, the patient is optimally protected from bumps in the road, without the well-known nausea caused by long swinging paths.

There is also neither a lateral inclination in curves nor a nodding in the patient’s head area when braking.
Due to the higher position in the vehicle, the patient is at eye level with the doctor or paramedic, like in a hospital bed.

The oppressive feeling of lying on the floor is completely eliminated. By adjusting the height, the patient can be brought into the perfect position for the necessary treatment.

This means that the treatment can always be carried out in an upright position or, alternatively, while sitting, and the spine is noticeably relieved.
As soon as the loading flap is closed, the hoverboard automatically adjusts to the patient’s weight and rises to the level for optimum suspension comfort.

By switching off the ignition or pressing the main switch, the hoverboard lowers gently for easy loading and unloading from.

When the loading flap is opened, the hoverboard lowers automatically for easy loading and unloading.

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